Tropical photos of Margarita Island in Venezuela. 

On this site we are presenting a collection of photos showing the most interesting Beaches and Places on the beautifull Island of Margarita in northern Venezuela. All photos shown are available w/o watermarks in the indicated size below each image. At the moment we are still adding more material and implementing features like Bitcoin (Altcoin) payment, automated download and a tag search system. At the moment we offer only PayPal payment and download delivery within 24 hours. 

If you have any questions, please use our contactform. We hope, you enjoy our collection...


Beaches at the Northcoast

El Caribe Beach

El Saco Beach

Manzanillo Beach

Zaragoza Beach

Galera Beach

Beach Puerto Cruz

Auyama Beach

La Pared Beach

El Tunal Beach

Playa la Guardia

Beaches at the Eastcoast

Beach Salesmen

Playa el Agua

El Tirano Beach

El Cardon Beach

Guacuco Beach

Parguito Beach

Beaches at the Southcoast

Playa del Concord

Karakola Beach

El Yaque Beach

Playa el Angel

Playa la Juventud

Los Cocos Beach

Oasis Beach

Paraiso Beach

Coche Island

Playa Valdez

Beaches at the Westcoast

Robledal Beach

Shore of Macanao

Cities & Villages

Ports & Docks

Valdez Boats Dock

Isleta Boats Dock

Airport Margarita

Ferry Port

Places of Interest

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